The Finance Department protects CRPD’s assets, oversees financial policies, and manages revenue and payments. Finance prepares the annual budget and provides regular reports and budget analyses to guide and grow the district’s financial health. Contact the Finance Department for financial documents and vendor information.

Annual Financial Analysis & Budget

CRPD prepares an annual budget to guide the district through short- and long-term financial management of the general fund, special revenue funds and enterprise fund.

The FY 2016/17 FINAL BUDGET is available for download.

Financial Audits

Reserve Policy

Reserve Policy

Reserve Study

CRPD contracted with an outside firm to evaluate the assets within the district, associated future expenses, life cycle expiration and long-term asset costs. Received in October 2014, the resulting report analyzes nine areas within the district within three main categories: expense, reserve funding and component listing.

The Reserve Study Summary is available in nine parts.