What's Happening

Water Conservation Efforts: Aiming for a Different Shade of Green

In order to conserve water and be mindful of our water usage, resources, and California’s water shortage, we have to allow some of our grass to go dormant this summer. Although the grass may lose color, we aim to maintain the health of our lawns and trees by providing enough water to preserve their existing root systems. As the summer heats up, we will monitor the weather and increase watering when we are able.

Summer Camps Have Started

Looking for a fun activity for the kids to do this summer?

CRPD offers exciting seasonal camps for 5-17 year olds. Our seasonal school break camps encourage fun, creative play and recreation through projects and hands-on activities while kids are out of school.

Find more information here

Cordova Shooting Center is Closing

If you are interested in reading about why the shooting center is closing, click here to read our information sheet.


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