Employment Opportunities

CRPD strives to attract and retain highly qualified employees and to provide a positive workplace. CRPD sustains a diverse workforce, complies with federal and state employment mandates, and supports excellence in individual and organizational performance. We think this is a great place to work!

To view current employment opportunities go to NeoGov.org

To view job descriptions click here.

CRPD Annual Compensation

Effective January 1, 2015 local public agencies are required to disclose information about the annual compensation of elected officials, officers and employees.

To view information for CRPD and other public agencies go to California State Controller Compensation Search (AB2040).

To view CRPD’s current pay scale, go to FY 2018/19 Approved Employee Salary Scale effective July 1, 2018.

CRPD is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants will be considered on the basis of their qualifications without regard to race, color religion, ancestry, marital status, sex, nation of origin, age or disability.


Learn more about our Human Resources Department – http://crpd.com/wp-content/uploads/HR-Presentation.pdf