The Ranch Community Park

The Cordova Recreation & Park District (CRPD) would like to gather input from neighbors for a new community park to serve the Ranch Community. This 11-acre park may include multi-sports fields, play areas, shade shelters, natural areas, and a restroom. The park is adjacent to an 8-acre passive space under power lines. We would like to hear from you, the neighbors, about your vision for this park and what additional amenities you would like to see.

This survey is estimated to take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The survey will be open from September 29 through October 15.


We are excited to hear from you!

Grantline 208/Arista Del Sol Community Park

The Grantline 208 land development is a 200+-acre project with 502 residential units located south of Douglas Road and east of the future Americanos Parkway within the City of Rancho Cordova. The Arista del Sol Development is a 214-acre property that proposes 740 residential units, one neighborhood park, commercial lots, two detention basins, two onsite preserves and supporting associated infrastructure.

The proposed 17-acre Grantline 208/Arista del Sol Community Par straddles these two developments. In 2022 after an extensive request for qualifications process, Cordova Recreation & Park District (CRPD) hired Callander Associates to design the park. The consultant and CRPD is in the middle of a rigorous public outreach process to obtain resident input for the design of the park.

In September 2022, a survey was emailed out to residents and user groups the park will serve. The results of that survey can be seen here. In December 2022 the first community meeting was held for the future park.

CRPD and the consultant will use the data gathered during public outreach to develop concept plans. CRPD anticipates the plans to be presented at a 2nd community meeting in Spring 2024. Park construction is anticipated to begin in late 2025. The park construction start date is contingent upon the rate of development remaining fairly consistent because new housing permits contribute construction funding for the park.

Please e-mail Landscape Architect, Cristina James, with any questions about this project at


Exploration Park

This park will be located in the Sunridge Village development south of Douglas Road. The future neighborhood park includes: a 2-5 age play area, a 5-12 age play area, picnic areas, and multi-use turf. The play area in the center will have artistic, space-themed equipment and climbing structures.