Thursday, November 09

When: 6:30pm

Where: Neil Orchard Senior Activities Center

This is the first of several community outreach meetings regarding the Measure J Tax passed in November 2016 for the PMRID area.

In these meetings, community members will learn the types of projects that can be funded by Measure J; main priority projects set by the Board and PMRID Oversight Committee to begin with the first tax collection in early 2018; and projects identified by District staff to be accomplished with future tax collections.

In addition, CRPD’s Planning and Development staff will present a draft of the “Preliminary District-wide Facility Distribution Plan”, a guide to help with long-term planning decisions.

Individuals will have the opportunity to provide their opinion about needs and preferences through a series of stations. The CRPD Board of Directors, PMRID Oversight Committee members and staff want to hear from our community members about:

  • Accessibility needs in the District’s parks, facilities and programs (Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA issues)
  • What does “security” mean to you?
  • Provide input on your preferences for facility replacements in the future with Measure J funding such as playground equipment and sport courts.

Board of Directors Meeting Materials:

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