Optimized Plan

What is an Optimized Plan? Glad you asked!

An Optimized Plan is a strategic planning document that provides guidance over the next 10+ years. It studies the existing parks and recreation facilities and programs to identify a planning blueprint for making the District’s current recreation and park offerings as perfect, effective, or functional as possible into the future.

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A forward-thinking Optimized Plan will provide a long-term vision for the District as well as specific policies and standards to direct day-to-day decisions. It will set forth a framework that will allow the District to respond to new opportunities as they arise, to outline a process for continued improvement, and to ensure that adequate parks and recreation facilities meet the needs of current and future residents.

Here's Where You Come In

The Optimized Plan is only as good as the community behind the ideas.
Beginning in Fall 2022, we will be hosting an online survey and other activities—both virtual and in-person—in the community to hear from residents across the District. Emails and comments are always accepted and can provide valuable input or ideas for parks and recreation development. Learn more below about how to engage with us during the planning process.

Upcoming Opportunities for Input

We enjoyed engaging with the community this summer during our recent outreach events and are diligently working to prepare the Optimized Plan. The next opportunity for public input will be announced soon.

Optimized Plan Process

  1. Review Background Data and Perform Existing Conditions Analysis - Completed
  2. Gather Input and Needs Assessment - Completed
  3. Community Input Round #1 – Listening to the Community - Completed
    • Online community survey closed December 11, 2022
    • Community Events
      • October 1, 2022 - Rosemont Community Celebration
      • October 29, 2022 - Halloween at Hagan
      • November 27, 2022 - Cordova Community Tree Lighting
  4. Level of Service Analysis - Completed
  5. Long Range Visioning - Completed
  6. Community Input Round #2 – Preferred Alternatives or Priorities - Completed
    • Community Events
      • July 26, 2023 - Webinar
      • July 28, 2023 - Pop-up at Prospect Hill Park
      • August 11, 2023 - Pop-up at Lincoln Village Community Park
  7. Park and Facilities Development - In Progress
  8. Draft Optimized Plan
  9. Final Optimized Plan

Frequently Asked Questions


The consultant working on the Optimized Plan, Gates and Associates, will introduce the Optimized Plan project and provide status updates to CRPD's Board of Directors. Presentations will be provided below.

Reference Documents

The Optimized Plan will build upon the foundation created by previously completed planning projects and documents. These documents include: