Park Design

The Park Design Division ensures that new park developments and park renovation projects fulfill the needs of the community, meet District standards and comply with land use regulations. Design Division staff coordinates all park development at the site level. The division creates design and construction documents, coordinates consultants, manages contracts and project budgets, and communicates with the CRPD board and the community.

Turnkey vs. Agency Built Parks

As a condition of new residential subdivision construction, California state law requires that either land or fees be dedicated for park or recreational use. With a turnkey project a developer constructs and dedicates a park as part of its larger development project. Alternatively, a developer may choose to dedicate a parcel of land to an agency, allowing the agency to construct the park. Typically, district neighborhood parks are constructed as turnkey projects while community parks are built by CRPD.

For more information on the process, please go to page 98 in the Incorporated Areas Master Plan.

CRPD Design & Construction Standards Manual