The Cordova Shooting Center is closing at the end of June. Why? Read the Cordova Shooting Center Information Sheet to find out.

Cordova Shooting Center is the Sacramento area’s premier shooting range. Located in Rancho Cordova, it is also the only outdoor range co-located with a gun store. The 80 acre outdoor shooting facility offers a 100-yard rifle range with 30 shooting lanes, and a 15-yard pistol range with 25 shooting lanes. Shotgun ranges include five skeet and eight trap fields with voice or button target release systems. All ranges are lighted for night shooting.

Cordova Shooting Center also offers training classes and private shooting instruction for pistol, rifle, and shotgun, and a California State hunter education class supplement to the online study course. For information on rates and course schedules visit the Cordova Shooting Center website.

Shooters and spectators entering all Cordova Shooting Center ranges must adhere to the rules and regulations governing eye and ear protection, clothing and age requirements.

Retail Shop

The Sacramento Gun Store has one of the best selections of handguns, rifles, and shotguns in Sacramento. Stock includes Beretta, Browning, Colt, Glock, H&K, Kimber, Remington and Smith & Wesson. The retail store also carries ammunition made by all major brands, and gun accessories including eye and ear protection, cleaning equipment, cases and more.