PMRID Oversight Committee

The Park Maintenance and Recreation Improvement District (PMRID) is a special assessment district approved by voters in 2006. PMRID funds are used to maintain CRPD facilities in Rosemont, Gold River, Riviera East, Lincoln Village, Larchmont and Rancho Cordova. This special assessment supplements property taxes in these areas to ensure proper facility maintenance and improvements.

A five-member Oversight Committee appointed by the CRPD Board of Directors reviews PMRID expenditures and makes recommendations for future expenditures. Openings for four-year committee appointments are filled as needed. Applications are accepted year round. The PMRID Oversight Committee meets quarterly and all meetings are open to the public.


Residents are invited to apply for this community-based advisory committee. Appointees review and recommend how special tax assessments – including Measure J – are spent. Currently, applications are being accepted for seats representing Gold River (1 seat) and Rancho Cordova (2 seats).  Please submit your application to the Clerk of the Board by April 30, 2023.

Zone A represents almost 20,000 homes in the Rancho Cordova area. Zone B represents almost 13,000 homes in the Larchmont, Riviera East and Rosemont areas. Zone C represents almost 5,200 homes in the Gold River area.


Bonnie Domeny, 2022 Chair
Term: Appointment expires 6/30/2025
Represents: Larchmont/Riviera East (Zone B)

Josh Armstrong
Term: Appointment expires 6/30/2023
Represents: Rancho Cordova (Zone A)

Doug Rothschild
Term: Appointment expires 06/30/2023
Represents: Gold River (Zone C)

Lauren Padilla
Term: Appointment expires 6/30/2025
Represents: Rosemont (Zone B)

Term: Appointment expires 6/30/2025
Represents: Rancho Cordova (Zone A)

PMRID Oversight Committee Zone Map

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