We are committed to providing a safe and entertaining space for your kiddo this summer. Please see more information below, introducing Camp Cordova Childcare.

NEW! Camp Cordova Childcare

What makes our program different?

Each of our childcare locations have unique features and different attractions. While each location’s program may vary slightly in its daily schedule, all childcare programs include at least one hour of each: sports, arts/crafts and science.

Summer childcare begins June 22. Registration available online!

About each location:

Hagan Community Center: Located within the 80 acres of Hagan Community Park, our community center is walking distance from the Hagan Community Barn. If your child loves animals and nature, this is the program for them! Activities may include…

  • Making bird feeders
  • Self-portraits and 3-D pop art
  • Slime day
  • Suncatchers
  • Elephant Toothpaste
  • Candy chromatography
  • Learn to make ice cream in a bag

Mather Sports Center: A hub of all things sports, this program will include sessions of learning sports strategy, sports trivia and endless fitness opportunities. If your child loves to be on the move and just can’t sit still, this is the program for them. Activities may include…

  • Building a model lung
  • Un-poppable bubbles
  • Bottle rockets
  • Make your own face masks
  • Sweet and sour taste bud challenge
  • Kids yoga
  • Grow your own crystals

Important Documents:

School Break Camps

School is out for the holidays and these camps are a great way for your child to stay busy! Our enthusiastic and experienced staff will lead activities such as arts & crafts, sports, cooking projects, games, and most importantly, encourage endless FUN!

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