For children ages 5+, CRPD offers dozens of classes that nurture youth’s curiosity and creativity. Programs include Ballet, Hip Hop, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Soccer, NFL Flag Football, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Tennis, and Guitar classes. Also, CRPD offers holiday camps and cooking classes to youth and teens. Programs take place at recreation centers, parks and facilities throughout the district.

Baton Twirling: CRPD is offering a NEW class from world-recognized baton twirler and teacher! Learn basic baton twirling and dance techniques.

Fridays in the Kitchen: This fall CRPD is holding monthly cooking classes in a series called Fridays in the Kitchen. Classes are available for kids ages 5-14 and are held at the Hagan Community Center. Visit page 16 of our 2018 Fall/Winter Recreation Guide for more information. Register here.

To see a complete list of the current season’s classes and to register on-line please click here.

Current Season Topics for Youth